About Field Marketing:

At BRSL, we have a team of highly motivated and experienced sales professionals who can actively sell your product and get it noticed by your target market. This is a simple but highly effective method of raising the profile of your product or services without the costly expense of advertising. We specialise in the provision of Tactical Field Sales Teams and Strategic Field Sales Teams

We live in a brand saturated world where there are thousand's of products competing for customer’s attention. Make your product stand out from the crowd by ensuring your product is more attractively positioned and presented. Our team of highly skilled merchandisers can work with you on ensuring your product is displayed in the most effective and eye catching way.

If your company is launching a new product or you simply want to increase your brand awareness BRSL can supply experienced and motivated promotional team members to help you.

Product sampling is the easiest way to get your product directly into the hands and minds of new customers. This is often a vital method of ensuring products make it on to the shelves of retailers and that they stay there when faced with heavy competition. Sampling provides a way for customers to try out your product without risking deviating from something else that they already know.

With fierce competition in-store becoming more and more aggressive and marketing budgets being squeezed with each annual review, it is no surprise that the fight for increased presence at the Point of Purchase is becoming an ongoing battle. Auditing tells you what's really happening with your product in-store and why. In-store auditing not only allows you to obtain information on your own product/s availability, but also allows you to obtain information on competitor product/s, assisting client companies devise innovative and unique solutions to gaining that all important competitive edge.

Mystery Shopping:
Mystery shopping is the most effective method of evaluating the sales process within your organisation from the customers perspective.  At BMS we conduct this research using conventional methods as well as the latest high tech video and telephone recording equipment.

With constant pressure from Europe making todays market place more and more competitive, the need to monitor sales and customer service processes has never been greater.  As much as 76% of potential sales are lost due to insufficient skills adopted and applied by sales and customer service staff.  Mystery shopping can identify these training issues as well as best practise for use in staff performance management and continuous improvement programmes.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
The same way that Mystery Shopping gives you a measurable insight to how your organisation is being represented, Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS) give you a measurable insight to your customers perception of your organisation. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are an effective way to measure what your customer believes to be their experience of your organisation.  Their lasting impression is often more important that their actual experience and this is where using a CSS becomes very useful in two ways -

  • reminds the customer of the actual experience as they answer specific questions and grade accordingly
  • conveys a message that no matter what their experience - your organisation cares what they think

It costs less to retain an existing customer than to source a new one and with that in mind it is worth spending some time on addressing customers compliments and issues.  In addition to this Customer Satisfaction Surveys can also be doubled up as a direct or emarketing tool focusing on your branding or even your website or personal message.