Mystery shopping is the most effective method of evaluating the sales process within your organisation from the customers perspective.  At BMS we conduct this research using conventional methods as well as the latest high tech video and telephone recording equipment.

With constant pressure from Europe making todays market place more and more competitive, the need to monitor sales and customer service processes has never been greater.  As much as 76% of potential sales are lost due to insufficient skills adopted and applied by sales and customer service staff.  Mystery shopping can identify these training issues as well as best practise for use in staff performance management and ontinuous improvement programmes.

We have a broad spectrum of experitise in various industries such as;

Hotel & Leisure Services -

-accommodation sales and servicing

-restuarant standards

-health clubs




Retailers -

-high street stores

-show room sales, taking into account upselling and cross selling efficiencies

Financial Institutions -



Car dealerships -


-service departments