Case Study 1: Sampling

Client: A leading confectionery company

Objective: To distribute 60,000 samples across the province of a new product.

Process: A team of promotional people were employed across the province. They were briefed to interact with the customer and communicate the unique selling points of the product.

Results: All samples were distributed within the timeframe and the client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project.

Case Study 2: Sales & Merchandising 

Client: A blue chip FMCG company

Objective: To visit a number of stores around the province to build relationships, drive revenue and distributions of the client’s products within these stores.

Process: A team of experienced sales people were employed across the province. They were briefed to call into the designated stores over a 4 week cycle selling the products into stores, taking orders and ensure displays were fully merchandised.

Result: There was a significant increase in sales and distribution within the first 12 weeks and this trend continue over the following 12 months (67% in month 1 to 86% after 12 weeks, currently it is being maintained at 96%). The approach developed between Bell Management Services and the client has been so successful that it has been employed to be used in the UK mainland, where results of similar distribution drives have not been as successful.

Case Study 3: Sales

Client: A Blue Chip company

Objective: To establish and develop a route to market around the province introducing businesses with the specialised sector to the clients’ services, selling its unique selling points and getting them to stock the product within their stores.

Process: The experienced sales team were employed to cover different areas of the province. A weekly journey plan within each area was complied to achieve the greatest penetration in each area.

Results: The sales teams continued to achieve their sales targets throughout the course of the exercise.

Case Study 4 : Sampling

Client: Leading local bank

Objective: To generate interest and circulate information to students on the bank’s student bank account and other services to local students on both A-Level Results Day and Freshers Week 2006.

Process: BMS field staff distributed ‘Student Goody Bags’ at key locations across NI during the campaign, literally putting promotional literature directly into the hands of the bank’s target demographic.

Results: Over 5,000 goody bags were distributed during this campaign, with over 80% of those targeted expressing an interest in the various services offered by this particular bank.

Case Study 5 : Merchandising

Client: Leading local bank

Objective: To effectively and efficiently carry out a monthly merchandising run on behalf of one of the province’s leading financial institutions. Over 55 branches were serviced each month over a 5 day period.

Process: Our merchandising team were required to ensure optimal placement of the bank’s posters and POS material for products and services which the bank were actively seeking to promote to customers in each branch.

Results: Our team have successfully administered all aspects of the client’s merchandising campaign for over four years, ensuring effective display placement at all times, thus creating a highly successful selling environment for each of the branches serviced on a monthly basis.